Adventure Awaits, Hidden in the Warburton Valley

IMAG2652 (2)
East Warburton Redwood Forest, Victoria

One of Victoria’s hidden gems is the Redwood Forest, east of the Warburton Valley. Without any official signage, besides on Google Maps, the forest has an aura of a secret, mystical place. The moment you step foot into the forest, you are instantly faced with a sense of calmness and wonder. The trees were planted in perfect rows that soften the noise of the outside world. Walking through the forest, all you can hear is the sounds of the birds that you cannot see, chirping away in the towering canopy above. The magnificent Redwood trees make you feel so small. In this way nature really has a way of putting things in perspective. It’s a beautiful place to explore, to sit and think, to have a picnic. A sense of clarity comes with being in the wilderness. There is no phone or data reception in the Redwood forest, but you will find a better connection.

IMAG2654 (2)
The towering canopy of Redwoods

Now Heritage listed in Victoria, the Californian Redwoods – Sequoia sempervirens, were planted in the 1930s by the Board of Works for experimental purposes, to study the canopy interception results in comparison with native forest trees. There are over 1,476 trees all planted in an aesthetically pleasing grid, some trees reaching up to 55 metres! Located at the base of the Yarra Ranges, walking through the plantation takes you down various paths leading to a more dense native bush. This then leads onto a path along the peaceful Cement Creek.

IMAG2657 (2)
A path leading from the Redwood plantation to Cement Creek

“And into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul” – John Muir

The Warburton Valley is a great place for a day trip adventure! I love the Redwood Forest because it is an inspiring place, and it doesn’t involve a big hike to completely be surrounded by nature. In fact, it’s only a few metres away from where you can park your car! For those who are able to hike, there are various tracks nearby throughout the Yarra Ranges National Park.

IMAG2666 (2)
Cement Creek
IMAG2656 (2)
Woven art from fallen Redwood branches, by a Warburton artist, David Digapony

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