Day Tripping – Sorrento and Surrounds

Day trips are a perfect way to adventure and to take some time out to refresh and revitalise. Being surrounded by nature makes me appreciate how beautiful the world can be. Taking in deep breaths, and paying attention to my surroundings automatically improves my posture and inner being. It brings an invigorating sense of harmony, and a Zen-like peaceful state. The Mornington Peninsula in Victoria is stunning, there are many places I could highlight. However, in this post I place a spotlight on some of my personal favourite spots – Sorrento Back Beach, Portsea Pier, and the London Bridge. Being limited in terms of how much walking or activities I can do, this is the perfect place to still see a lot and enjoy experiences within a close vicinity.

Sorrento Back Beach

I love the atmosphere at Sorrento Back Beach.The fresh breeze of the ocean air. The vast coastline surrounded by the hills of the Mornington Peninsula National Park. Lined with sandstone cliffs and rock formations, there are many rock pools to explore – some deep enough to jump into off small rock platforms. There are various rock pools to enjoy – some to laze in, some to snorkel in, allowing observation of various schools of fish and the underwater marine world. The best time to do so is at low tide, when more rock pools are exposed. Alternatively, the waves of the main beach section are great to body board on at high-tide.

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Portsea Pier is a popular spot for the scuba divers, however I enjoy it as a place to have a picnic, while searching for the giant stingrays who often glide along the seabed. Being a bay, it is a great place to go for a leisurely swim or snorkel, and the waters are quieter than the strong current and crashing waves of the ocean back beach.


I am in absolute awe of the London Bridge at the northern end of the Mornington Peninsula National Park. The natural beauty is a sandstone formation that has been weathered over thousands of years by the waves, strong winds and rain, forming a cave-like bridge.

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London Bridge, Portsea, Mornington Peninsula National Park

The lookout to London Bridge is a short walk from the main car park. It is possible to access the beach and explore the London Bridge up close, however this is recommended at low-tide. There are also other various walks in the area to further explore the Mornington Peninsula National Park.

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