An Elegy to my wonderful dog, Moose

Moose, you were the best dog I could have ever imagined. Words cannot describe how much I will always miss you.

I will miss not being able to take you to your favourite parks.

I will miss seeing you elated running through those muddy streams.

I will miss taking you to the beach, your enthusiasm when running along the sand or trotting blissfully through the water.

I will miss seeing the attention you loved receiving from the passerby’s who couldn’t resist patting you or taking a “selfie” with you.

I will miss taking you on adventures in the car, and how you would pop your head up to the window every so often to surprise others.

Snapchat-6657662735119229454 (2)

I will miss the sound of your howls, all the different ones and their associated meanings.

I will miss your love of walkies, carrots and watermelon.

I will miss how you always had to accompany us when we walked through the backyard.

I will miss your big brown eyes, fluffy small ears, and happy smile.

I will miss your fur being everywhere, including on my clothes.

IMAG2583 (2)

I will miss that when you got excited, you would celebrate with a song of howls and a delighted sprint.

I will miss how you would flatten your ears when you felt happy and loved.

I will miss how you always had to be by our sides.

I will miss how on walks you used to greet strangers with a joyful howl and tail-wag.

I will even miss your stubborn moments, and how you would plant yourself down and refuse to move when it was time for a wash.

I will miss the howling tantrum you would throw at the exact same spot, when you had to sit before crossing the road.


I hope I will never forget the day I met you, and the first time I heard your howl.

How I hand fed you and sat with you every day until you got used to your new home.

I hope I never forget your wonderful, loving, beautiful personality.

I hope I will never forget how gentle and caring you were.

I hope I will never forget the feeling of your thick fur coat, and how you would roll on your back for belly scratches and pats.

I hope I will never forget your excitement every time I would come home.

I hope I will never forget how your presence would light up every room.

Most of all, I very much hope we did right by you. It was the hardest decision to make, and the resulting grief has been immense. I am relieved that you are no longer suffering, and I hope they are treating you very well over the rainbow bridge. We will miss you until the end of time. No dog could ever compare to you. Thank you for everything, Moose. You were my best friend, my family. We will love you forever. May you rest in peace.

IMAG2587 (2)


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