Magazine Review: Collective Hub

Collective Hub is a magazine that never ceases to inspire me. Filled with passionate content, it is aimed at “Game changers, thought leaders, rule breakers and style makers”. The magazine has a sense of making a difference by motivating people to find their purpose, and provides interesting real life examples through success stories. 

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The current issue #43 (March 2017), for example, celebrates some of the world’s most influential women, perfectly in time for International Women’s Day this month. On the cover is Ollie Henderson – a catwalk model making global headlines by fighting social injustice, through hand-painted T-shirts bearing political slogans.

Collective hub highlights not-for-profit businesses, or people who are making a positive contribution to the world through their entrepreneurial endeavours. It gives readers a sense that entrepreneurship is achievable, in a way that encourages brainstorming and self-belief. The magazine features brands whose products are ethically sourced and environmentally sustainable. Covering a wide range of industries, Collective Hub puts a spotlight on people with innovative minds. The magazine celebrates local artists, people and businesses who provide exemplary advice. The pages are continually filled with awe-inspiring content.

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“Game changers, thought leaders, rule breakers and style makers” – Collective Hub

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