An Ode to the Sutherland Shire


Cronulla Rockpools

Love is a canvas furnished by Nature and embroidered by imagination.” – Voltaire

I miss living in Cronulla. Waking up in an apartment filled with natural light and fresh air. The circular window lighting up the kitchen, the lush forest of green trees behind it.

I miss going for a swim, at the ocean pool at Oak Park, first thing in the morning. The fresh ocean water reinvigorating my soul as I dived in. The feeling of the salt water making waves through my hair. The seagulls dancing on the rocks amidst the crashing waves. The abundance of the green grass in the park above. The frangipani tree lined footpaths leading the way.

I miss the endless beauty of the beaches to visit. Darook Park, with a river surrounded by trees, even forming caves.South Cronulla, with its rockpools, footpaths, and wooden sun-beds. The bustling cafes and stores a short stroll away, particularly “HAM Cafe” – the home of the best passionfruit donuts and scrumptious Mediterranean cuisine.

I miss living a short drive away from the Royal National Park, where I would see wild deer, lyrebirds, and once even a goanna sunbathing on a tree above the river. The breathtaking Bald Hill lookout with its rolling hills meeting an endless ocean. The adventures at Wattamolla beach – a magical place where you walk through the forest to meet the ocean, with a waterfall and a lagoon leading the way.

Wattamolla Beach, Royal National Park

I miss the beauty of Audley in Autumn, with its giant falling maple leaves turning the grass into a carpet of brown, orange and yellow crunching beneath your feet.

I love that I was fortunate enough to live there for a time. These places will forever remain in my heart.

Audley in Autumn



2 thoughts on “An Ode to the Sutherland Shire

  1. This is such a beautiful piece of writing! Your descriptions are so vivid and detailed I can picture it all in my mind… And the photos are absolutely gorgeous!! I hope you write more posts in this style 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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