A Millennial’s Guide to Getting Back Out There

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I am not going to deny that it is scary going back out into the workplace. There’s the daunting interview process, the hope that sky rockets with opportunities that excite you. Even figuring out what kind of work you would like to give a try, or what jobs to actually apply for can cause apprehension. Looking over your resume and realising all the skills that you have acquired, then trying to decipher what else you can apply them to is also a process.

There are various reasons and circumstances why I have left the careers that I have endeavored. At the core, was because I found myself unhappy with myself. My core values were not being met and even opposed in some situations. I was not happy with the person I was becoming within those roles. It is important to note that these entries of my experiences on my blog are subjective, both in terms of how I perceived them and the actual roles I was in. Each individual has their own set of values, goals, wants and needs.

My aim throughout my 20s so far, has been to decipher what career and what lifestyle is important to me. Whenever we decide to pursue a direction, it is really important to re-assess plans/goals as we go, acknowledging that this is all part of the process of longer term goals. Change may seem daunting, but often it is worth the risk.

In planning my next career choice, I must keep in mind that I am only allowed to work part-time (due to chronic illness). A challenge being that I am also limited to roles that are not physically demanding and have relatively medium levels of stress. In figuring out my next steps, I will pay attention to my values, my ethics, and what I would like to achieve out of the role. I would like to make a positive difference. Something that does not compromise authenticity, inner harmony and integrity. There are so many careers out there that can achieve this. Of course, I recognise that every career is going to have its pro’s and con’s – but it is important to balance these out and figure out what con’s you are willing to deal with. To look at both the short-term and long-term implications too. For example, economic security is really important. If you decide to further your education, you need to work out if a course is going to be too time-consuming or demanding; will you have enough time to earn an income to support yourself/and others? It is equally important to make sure there are enough job opportunities available out there within the chosen field. Unfortunately, there are qualified people who are not able to work within their chosen qualification simply because there currently aren’t enough jobs in that area.

Decipher what is most important to you, and what will give you a sense of fulfillment. Make lists and have a look at what jobs are actually out there, then go from there.

Enjoy the adventure!


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