A Matter of Perspective – the Importance of Hobbies and Interests


Since becoming chronically ill, I have been unable to keep up my main sporting hobbies and interests. I used to love training various forms of martial arts (combat fitness, kickboxing, mixed martial arts). I am outdoorsy with a passion for nature, so naturally I loved hiking and horse riding. I have gone from high intensity training three times per week plus walking at least 4kms per weekday, to now not being able to have the energy to walk around a small zoo. My exercise has been limited to short walks and hydrotherapy.

Conversely, I have been able to rediscover hobbies and interests I otherwise would not have had the time to. I have brought back my love of art and creativity, through sketching and painting. These modes of expression are an emotional release, as well as a silencer for my ever-racing thoughts. I feel productive, and have a sense of achievement again. I have gained the time to read more, thus satisfy my “inner wormie” (bookworm). I am able to fully immerse myself in so many amazing novels. I have discovered new authors whom I really admire, and have learned valuable lessons from their stories. My local library has become a place I can go to feel inspired again.

Instead of going hiking, I am able to go on day trips to beautiful locations. While, I may not be able to do a full circuit bush walk, I can discover the various rockpools at an ocean beach.  I have begun blogging, something I had the desire to do, but not necessarily the confidence.  I feel it is important to place yourself outside your comfort zone; to give something a try, even if you are apprehensive to do so. I have a lot to learn when it comes to blogging, but I am enjoying the process and the challenge along the way.

So, indeed I conclude that it is all a matter of perspective. Instead of feeling sorry for myself because I cannot do what I once used to be able to do, I have gratitude for the hobbies and interests I have been blessed to gain.


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