Take these broken wings and learn to fly


This is the way I view life with chronic illness. Even though my “wings” may be broken, I still have the capacity to fly. Practicing gratitude, appreciating the little things, and meaningful distractions all add to the fuel which drives my fire not to give up. Here are some of the more prominent lessons I have learnt from being chronically ill: 

  • Grieving is not only okay, but it is actually necessary in order to move forward.
  • Yes, I cannot do a lot of the things I used to be able to do. However, this does not stop me from trying new things or learning new skills.
  • Other people may not understand or even believe my illness, but that is not my problem…it’s theirs. I do not need them to understand, nor should I let it bother me if they do not.
  • To slow down, balance my time and pace myself.
  • To put my health above all else.

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