Confessions of a workaholic

A juvenile ringtail possum taking up residence in my ponytail.

A bit of background…Christmas Day, two years ago. I was pulling a 19.5 hour shift as a live-in emergency veterinary student in a state away from home. Running off adrenaline, saving lives and reallocating strays. The day was intense, I barely had anything to eat. Thrown into the deepest end working every day bar one, plus on call overnight. I hadn’t had the time to go food shopping and relied on the sustenance of one fried egg with soy sauce for the day. There was no space in my mind for this to faze me. Continue reading

Let your past make you better, not bitter

screenshot_20170228-144216-2Feeling like a lost cause, a waste of potential. Sometimes, I find myself missing veterinary school. Above all, I miss the way my life was in Sydney. The new friends I had made, being out of my comfort zone, having the freedom to finally find myself. I am incredibly grateful for my time there – the experiences, the lessons. It was a difficult journey consisting mostly of a lack of sleep, intense levels of pressure, and crazy working hours. Was it mercy or was it a curse that made me fall ill? A blessing in disguise perhaps? It is difficult to tell. While I did fall of the path I loved, I learned some invaluable lessons along the way.

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